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About Us

BoracayExpress.com  is a multinational portal for the island of Boracay.   The company was founded as a marketing tool for the tourism industry to bring consolidated savings and practical travel for every budget.

In 2021, when the pandemic lockdown was easing up, Boracay Express implemented its system as the brand to travel online.  Philippine Courier News ranked Boracay Express at number 1 on their Travel List of the Top 100 Companies to travel based on a tourist survey of satisfaction.


With over 50 affiliates in the region, we've built an extensive network to give our customers a fantastic cost-saving choice of services and accommodation. Our network has trained personnel around the region. When you combine this with our 24/7 English customer service and various travel products, you can trust us and more on your next trip to Boracay.


Boracay Express extended its reach nationwide by arranging affiliations with other express companies nationwide.  We are licensed and operated under Prime Fernis Inc.  And are an active affiliate of some major media publications including Boracay Daily NewsPhilippine Courier News, Philippine Examiner, Philippine Express, and OFW Today.


Our Mission

Travel the best with simplicity when one travels to Boracay.  Untangle complications and focus on enjoying.  Our programs are incorporated into the best money-saving packages.


Our Vision

Travel the best with simplicity.


Welcome to Boracay

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